partpy is written with Cython support through .pxd files and can be compiled for extra speed. If you do not want to use Cython simply install it from the source with Cython uninstalled.

If however you use pip or easy_install or something similar Cython is marked a dependency and must be installed.

partpy is tested without compilation on python{2.6, 2.7, 3.2} and the latest pypy stable release. All these platforms are also tested with cython compilation except for python{2.6}. As an additional bonus partpy is also tested for rpython translation. This means that the pypy rpython translation toolchain can compile partpy making it useable in very fast interpreters/VM’s using pypy toolchain that can also provide a JIT compiler for free.

All of the compilation and usage options are designed to allow for maximum flexability while also allowing maximum performance and usage.

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