• Fix for new no space guards on patern matching not passing offsets
  • Added Impyccable to test suite for better pattern testing
  • Added no space guards to pattern matching and indenter
  • Fixed .pxd files not being included in source distribution
  • Added Offset arguments to most SourceString methods that should support it.
  • Adde ‘_’ to qualified identifiers
  • Added SourceString.eol_distance_next
  • Added SourceString.eol_distance_last
  • Added SourceString.spew_length a reverse of eat_length
  • Minor failsafes
  • Added RPython compatability.
  • Removed some dynamic features
  • Removed SourceString.generator
  • SourceString.match_pattern renamed to match_string_pattern
  • SourceString.match_function renamed to match_function_pattern
  • Pattern matching methods only take their respective types, no more lists.
  • Added SourceString methods:
    • eat_line
    • count_indents_last_line
    • count_indents_length_last_line
    • skip_whitespace
    • get_all_lines
    • retrieve_tokens
  • Added least argument to SourceString.match_(pattern/function) for minimum length of match

  • SourceString.eat_length now handles newlines automatically

  • Some source code cleanups and cython fixes/optimizations

  • All SourceString.eat_* methods nolonger function when SourceString.eos = 1

  • Added sphinx based documentation system and

  • Line numebers start at line 1

v0.2.1 - February 14th 2013
  • Added examples directory to sdist
v0.2.0 - February 14th 2013
  • Matcher merged into SourceString
  • new class SourceLine returned when dealing with specific SourceString lines

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