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Parser Tools in Python (partpy, pronounced Par-Tee-Pie), a collection of tools for hand writing lexers and parsers in python.

There are many parser generators but there isn’t much help for those who wish to roll their own parser/lexer as counter-intuitive as that may sound. partpy provides a solid base for hand written parsers and lexers through a library of common tools.

By using partpy as the base for your own parser or lexer the hope is to provide you with an environment where you can dive straight into the language design, recognition and whatever else you need to do without having to figure out how string matching should be done or most of the error handling process.



If you have any suggestions or questions about partpy feel free to email me at nekroze@eturnilnetwork.com.

You can check out more of what I am doing at http://nekroze.eturnilnetwork.com my blog.

If you encounter any errors or problems with partpy, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub http://github.com/Nekroze/partpy main repository.

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